TDM Dealer training

Specifications and Details

TDM can give a dealer training on the site of TDM, through video conferencing or at the dealer’s site. The purpose of the Dealer training is to train the staff of the dealer to give TDM Support, to train TDM end-users or to sell TDM to the end-users.

TDM can give a few different dealer trainings:

  • TDM Support training
  • Train the Trainer training
  • Sales training

Duration and day overview

Each type of training will take 4 hours and has a maximum of ten attendees. What type of training is suitable for you?


To train support employees that need to assist end-users

Train the Trainer

To train a trainer of the dealer who needs give user training to end-users

Sales Training

To train dealer employees on how to sell TDM

Part number


License type

Physical or virtual classroom