TDM Designer

The TDM Designer is a fully HTML5 web-based designer that enables you to create presentations for one or multiple displays without prior experience or specific knowledge.
Elements like images, video, audio and standardized templates let you design wonderful presentations in an easy way and publish it to your own “TV Channel”. The TDM Designer makes it easy for you to incorporate information from external datasources into your presentations: external websites(RSS), social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or even information coming from your own database like sales information, schedules and much more. 

TDM Windows player

The TDM WIndows Player is a powerful player that is installed on a Windows computer. The TDM Windows Player saves all files locally on the PC so images and videos do not have to be downloaded over and over again.

The Windows version is perfectly suited for corporate communication in situations where it is important that information is always available. Every version of TDM is capable of switching your displays on and off remotely.

TDM Signage Windows players works on any computer that runs on Windows 7 or any more recent version.

TDM HTML5 Player

The TDM HTML5 player is a lightweight player that can be set up on any machine that supports HTML5.

WIth the HTML5 player, you can use TDM directly on televisions without the need for a computer.

The presentation is not stored on the device, so you will always need a functioning internet connection to player you presentation.

The HTML5 version is perfect in an environment where an internet connection is available constantly. 

TDM Android app

The TDM Android app runs on all Android devices that support version 4.2 and up. The app is specially created for Android television and tablets. The TDM Android app enables you to use digital signage on screens of any size, from very small to incredibly large. The main benefit of the TDM Android app in comparison to the HTML5 player, is that your presentation is stored on the device and thus continues playing when no ineternet connection is available. Our Android app enables you to show your digital signage on displays without having to use a computer or Android player.
The TDM Android app is suited for any digital signage environment. 

TDM Meeting Room solutions

The TDM Meeting Room Solutions element lets you link TDM Signage to your Office 365 calendar, Google Calendar of your Microsoft Exchange Server.

You can then install Android tablets near meeting rooms to show the schedule of meetings in that specific room. It is also possible to book the room or end your meeting so the meeting space can be booked again. Of course you can also integrate this information in your own content. A display in a central area can be used to show an overview of all of the rooms.

Using this element does not require you to buy extra licenses: It is all included in your TDM Player license. 

TDM Statistics

Gathering information on your audience is set up in an easy way. TDM Statistics enables you to gather information like gender, age or emotion through a webcam attached to your player.

You will be able to see whether your content makes the viewer happy, angry or sad. In an easy to interpret dashboard included in your Designer, you can check the impact of your message on a display-, page- or playlist level.

This allows you to target your messages in such a way that the right content is shown in the right moment. TDM Statistics only works with our TDM Signage Windows Player.

Other available apps:

IP Control

TDM IP Control allows you to send IP commands to screens that support this feature. You can alter en send inputs, volume and other functions from your TDM Designer. TDM IP Control is also prefect for switching your screens on and off..

TDM Local webserver

With TDM Local Webserver, you host your files within your own network. Your media and data are not saved in the cloud, but on your local server.

RS232 control

WIth RS 232 control you can remotely switch your screens on and off from your Designer. You can also set up schedules so that they will be triggered on set times.


TDM Monitoring sends you an automated e-mail when one of your TDM Players no longer works. You can choose your own e-mailaddress and set the times at which TDM Monitoring checks your players.