Digital signage solutions

Digital Signage is a digital technology in which displays are used to replace traditional (print) media. Displays that offer targeted information, entertainment, and advertisements: the right display and the right content with the right advertising at the right time to the right viewer. You cannot be more efficient. From nametags to videowalls in a stadium and from an iPad to a digiboard or a holographic projection.

It is totally now because we are living in the screen age!!

Digital signage is in perfect step with today’s experience economy. Targeted, high-impact, flexible, fast and simple.

TDM digital signage software at a glance:

  • Easy to operate
  • Device-independent (cross-platform)
  • Centralised and decentralised operation
  • Hosted in the Cloud (SaaS)
  • Standard templates for every sector (education, healthcare, retail, etc.)
  • Scalable and affordable
  • Completely HTML5 compatible
  • Schedule and repeat module (schedule or repeat content)
  • Displaying websites, also with Flash or Silverlight
  • Switching screens on and off remotely (can also be scheduled)
  • Integrated monitoring system

Applications of Digital Signage / narrowcasting

Digital Signage (or Narrowcasting) is used in a growing number of sectors. Examples include healthcare, where it is used to make waiting more enjoyable,retail, where it is used to advertise specific products, and governments, where digital signage is used to offer information. Regardless of whether your message is informative of commercial, with digital signage you reach your audience in the most efficient way. Listed below is a collection of examples of how digital signage is used by our customers.


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  • Products/special offers
  • Digital menus
  • Infotainment
  • Opening hours


  • Product and service information
  • Public information
  • Patient information
  • Making waiting more pleasant
  • Queue informaton


  • Announcing activities
  • Student information
  • Company restaurant menu of the day
  • Schedule changes
  • Public transport information


  • Special offers/promotions
  • Current departure times
  • Adjusted timetables
  • Route information (using GPS)
  • Digital travel guide

Sports clubs

  • Special offers/promotions
  • Current sports news
  • Entertainment
  • Opening hours
  • Match results

Internal communications

  • Works Council news
  • Vacancies
  • Activities
  • Innovations
  • Traffic information

Real estate agents

  • Current real estate listings
  • Advertising purposes
  • Sponsoring
  • QR Codes for more information


  • Special offers/promotions
  • Advertising  (commercials)
  • Opening hours
  • Connect to POS systems
  • Show products from webshop