TDM Dealers

TDM Digital Signage does not distribute to end-users directly. Sales will always be handled by one of our certified resellers. By that, our users can be certain that there is an expert close by if need be. You are of course welcome at any time to contact TDM support directly.

      Want to become a TDM dealer?

      If you are a digital signage supplier and you wish to become a TDM dealer, please fill out the contact form on this page and we will contact you. TDM dealers get access to a reseller portal in which they can create accounts and demo licenses for their end-users.

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      Can we convince you?

      At TDM Signage, we understand that it is not easy to select digital signage software. That is exactly why we offer a free 30-day license. This allows you to get familiar with our software and get to know all the features in it. When you request a demo, we send you login credentials and a manual, in order to make it easy for you to create your digital signage solution. Should you have any questions regarding the demo, our support desk is happy to answer them all and help you out.

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