Mass communication is out. Digital Signage (narrowcasting) is in. Through as many displays as you want, you can send your specifically targeted and dynamic message to your audience. You seize market opportunities this way. In the exact time and at the exact place as where your audience is. TDM Signage offers extremely flexible and user-friendly signage software at incredibly inexpensive rates!

TDM Digital Signage software is used by end users in 32 countries worldwide.

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Easy to use

With TDM Digital Signage software you can create your own presentation easily and publish it within minutes with the drag and drop Designer. Text, images, video, news feeds and more are easy to incorporate and can always be checked through the preview mode. 

Cross Platform

TDM Digital Signage software works on your computer, your tablet, or even your phone. You can use them independently. Create you presentation on your phone or tablet from where you like. TDM Signage Software and the Designer are web-based.


TDM Digital Signage is monitored continuously and hosted on servers of the utmost reliability. You have the option to receive e-mails when one of your players stops working. Should you need any help, our supportdesk is happy to answer any questions you have.


TDM Digital Signage software uses a completely HTML5 based Designer through which you can publish content centralized and decentralized on one or multiple displays.

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